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Deirdre Bailey, MEd and Brian Gilbert, BSc, BEd

Deirdre Bailey, MED University of Calgary  Over the past decade, Deirdre has taught middle school math, science, physical and outdoor education, and provided teacher professional learning as a math education specialist. Deirdre is currently teaching part-time with both the Werklund School of Education and Mount Royal University. Brian Gilbert, BSc, BEd Brian Gilbert has a BSc in Natural Sciences and a BEd in Elementary Science Education. He is currently completing his Masters in Curriculum and Learning at the University of Calgary with co-supervisors from both Education and Chemistry.

Two children making a LEGO robot.

The UCP Science Draft is Not Okay

This post was first published by Deirdre Bailey, MEd and Brian Gilbert, BSc & BEd on May 7, 2021 on Unlike the Social Studies draft, the issues with the UCP Science curriculum proposal are a little more subtle at first glance. It is, however, no less problematic. This draft is much more prescriptive than the current curriculum, with many learning outcomes being phrased in such a way that there are clear implications for how teachers and students might take up a particular… Read More »The UCP Science Draft is Not Okay