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Social Studies

Two students pointing to a map.

Silent Masculinity and White Logic in Alberta’s K-6 Social Studies Curriculum

In less than three months since Alberta’s draft K-6 curriculum’s release, educators across the country have released a torrent of criticism levelled at the social studies portion of the curriculum. More apparent to me however is how the curricular narratives construct not only a racialized and exclusionary Albertan “we”, but how that “we” also carries with it gendered intonations.

Reconciliation and Residential Schools: Canadians need new stories to face a future better than what we inherited

As a scholar concerned with how teachers’ own education shapes what happens in classrooms and how curriculum in Alberta schools can help students to be ethically engaged treaty partners, there are two concepts that may be helpful: considering learning in schools as a process of encounter and thinking about people’s relationships to stories about the past.