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Kindergarten – Grade 6


An Open Letter on the New Social Studies Curriculum [March 15, 2024]

As professional educators and researchers who were part of the Curriculum Specialist group invited by Alberta Education to contribute our collective expertise towards the development of the new K-6 Social Studies curriculum, we have significant concerns with the draft curriculum released this week by Education Minister Demetrios Nicolaides. We are asking the Government of Alberta to reconsider the path forward. 

Alberta’s social studies curriculum pushes religious exceptionalism

Dr, Margie Patrick explores the Alberta government’s attempt to include religion in the draft Social Studies curriculum in this article in Our Schools/Ourselves. Margie Patrick, PhDDr. Patrick taught high school for 12 years before obtaining a PhD in Religious Studies. Her current research examines how secondary social studies teachers teach about religion when and if it appears in the curriculum, current events, controversial issues, or student questions.

Condensed version of a yearly calendar.

Jason Kenney, Adriana LaGrange, and the Alberta Curriculum: A Timeline Review (Part 6 of 6)

Angela Grace, PhD (Registered Psychologist)Dr. Grace is a Registered Psychologist, national eating disorder prevention specialist, and former elementary teacher passionate about youth health and well-being and trauma-informed teacher training in educational settings.